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School Recycling Program

The OCR School Recycling Program is offered to all schools as an opportunity to bring recycling education into the classroom. The City and County of Honolulu and Oahu Community Recycling provide all equipment and materials for bi-monthly pickups, and students are encouraged to participate in raising awareness among their classmates.
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How it Works


Each classroom receives two recycling bins, a yellow one for cans/bottles/plastic and a green one for paper/cardboard.

Each school also receives wheeled carts from City and County of Honolulu, to help transport recyclables. Visit City and County of Honolulu website to request wheeled carts if you don't have any.

Every two weeks the school's student council or environmental club members collect recyclables from each classroom with wheeled carts. This is where each school can get creative about developing a curriculum around environmental consciousness, waste reduction, and sustainability practices. We are happy to come and make a personal presentation to teachers or classrooms to help get your school started on recycling and reusing.

These recyclables are then picked up by the Oahu Community Recycling for recycling. Monthly pickup fees depend on the frequency of pickup and the number of wheeled carts.

Please email or call OCR for information on how school can participate this program.

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