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Recycle Circle - Paper recycling comes full circle
Hagadone Printing company tells us how recycling comes in full circle.
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Step 1 - Set up your recycling programs with Oahu Community Recycling.

Step 2 - When the paper leaves your hands and into the recycle bin, it is picked up by OCR. Paper is taken to Printing Company for processing.
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Step 3 - The bins are emptied into a paper shredder and bailed into one ton squares. The bales are loaded onto a container, picked up by trucker, and shipped over the Pacific Ocean to a Pulp Mill. Step 4 - The pulp mill drops the bales into a pulper machine and water is added to make a slurry.
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Step 5 - The paper manufacturer then uses this slurry in the production of "new" paper. Step 6 - These recycled paper products are used in printing at Printing Company.
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Hagadone Printing Company can recycle the following paper:
Magazines, Catalogs, Brochures, Flyers, Mail Pieces, Envelopes, Telephone books, Typing paper, copy paper, Computer paper, Manila and Colored folders, Soft cover books.