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 Automatic Indoor Compost Machine
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How it works: Deposit food waste items at any time, on any day. Add up to 120 lbs (55kg) per month. For best results, cut items into small pieces. Items remain in the upper chamber, with "hot composting" conditions: mixing, air flow, heat, and moisture (see diagram). The energy released destroys odors, pathogens, and seed germination. The compost is later transferred through a trap door to the lower cure tray chamber, where it continues to compost while you add fresh waste items to the upper chamber.


Sets the "industry standard" for composting:

Fully automatic, odor free
Indoor or outdoor use, even in rain, snow, or cold
Add food waste any time, any day, up to 120 lbs per month
Compost is ready every 2 weeks
Available in black
WARRANTY: 1 year


Same size as the Plus XE model, with these added features:
Foot pedal for hands-free operation
Designer colors
Heavy Duty mode for extra compost capacity
Security lock feature
Lifetime filter included
WARRANTY: 3 years



For more product information, visit or learn why and how to compost.


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32 Gallon Recycling Bin
32 Gallon Bin

Dimension: 24" diameter x 30" height


  • Injection Molded with Resilient and Recyclable HDPE Resin
  • Corrugated Body Provides Greater Stability at Curb and Compression Strength when Lifting
  • Reinforced Top Rim and Ergonomic Handles Resist Damage and Injuries
  • Hand-holds Provided on Bottom to Assist Manual Dumping
  • Double Drag Rail on Bottom Increases Service Life and Offers Low Resistance when Dragging
  • Single Domed Snap-on Lid Fits Both Containers and Promotes Water Run-off
  • Include Lid Openings for Recyclables (cans or bottles)
Unit price: $49 with lid
Local delivery charge: $5 Availability: in stock



 18 Gallon Recycling Bin

gn recycling bin

Dimension: 25.25" x 17.60" x 13.50" 5.0 lbs.


  • Injection molded HDPE designed for strength and long life
  • Ultra-violet stabilizers added to prevent fading or material breakdown
  • Large handles for easy handling
  • Recessed bottom to contain liquids
  • Drain holes in bottom
  • Available in green or yellow
Unit price: $19 each
Local delivery charge: $5 Availability: in stock
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Tees and Tanks
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  • Available in white, pink, baby blue with brown or green Logo
  • 100 % cotton
  • Tanks are made in the USA by Bella
  • Silk screen printing on Oahu
  • More images of OCR tank tops

Size: Available in S and M only

Price: $15
Shipping to Oahu: $3 Delivery: in stock
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